Panasonic VL-SVN511


Panasonic VL-SVN511


Smartphone Connect
  • You can use your smartphone or tablet as a sub monitor to respond to visitors and unlock electric locks no matter where you are in the home.
    You can also monitor door station images when you want to check the door entrance.
Wireless Network Connection
  • In addition to smartphones/ tablets, the main monitor can also wirelessly connect to the wireless router for easy connections without a cable.
E-mail Notification
  • The main monitor can send e-mail with a time stramp and image of visitors to e-mail addresses registered in advance, enabling you to check who has visited when you are outside the house (even when you are overseas).

Other Features
  • Free application*
    Compatible mobile devices (As of October, 2019)
    - iPhone and iPad (iOS 9.0 and later)
    - AndroidTM devices (Android 4.0 and later)
  • Electric Lock Release Support: VL-RLY1 (12 V AC/DC, less than 1 A)
  • Picture Recording (Up to 50 visitors (up to 8 still images per visitor))
  • Night Vision (white coloured LED lights)
  • Voice Changer
*Some mobile devices may not be compatible.
*For the lastest information about the app and compatible, visit the following website.

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